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National Security Program

CenCore’s National Security Program is designed to allow everyone, no matter your previous work experience, an opportunity to receive a clearance and start your career within a government agency.

The National Security Program (NSP) is broken up into three stages:

  1. Pre-Program
  2. Program
  3. Post Program

It is our goal to help you move through the program stages quickly so you can launch your career. CenCore will work tirelessly to help launch your career within an industry that is otherwise impenetrable.


The Pre-Program stage is comprised of submitting applications and security paperwork to be in CenCore’s NSP and to receive your clearance. Because the clearance process takes time, it is in your best interest to move through this stage as quickly as possible.

Your clearance investigation will take approximately 7-9 months. CenCore, LLC cannot guarantee the length of the process but these are the averages so we have seen. Other agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, and the DOD can get you the equivalent clearance in roughly 12-24 months. Through CenCore’s NSP, you will receive a TOP SECRET security clearance with a Full-Scope Polygraph. This clearance will be very valuable as you pursue a career within the Intelligence Community.

The process for the Pre-Program Stage is:
1. Send in your resume and NSP application
2. Interview
3. Take officer exam, drug and physical tests
4. Receive and complete security paperwork
5. Send in completed paperwork to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Don’t stress! CenCore will help you throughout the entire process.


The Program stage is where the fun begins. This stage begins after you receive your security clearance. In this stage, you will be working on a contract in the D.C. area. You will be working in a highly-secured government facility providing access control.

As an Access Control Specialist (ACS), you will be working in security at a Top-Secret government facility against all forms of technical espionage, acts of terror, and crime against the U.S. government.

We understand that this position is not the end goal and we totally agree! We use this contract as a way for you to receive your clearance and gain experience working on a government contract and then use your work experience and your Bachelor’s degree to Identify, Qualify and Procure a job for you doing intelligence analysis, cyber security, systems administration, and lots of other jobs within the Intelligence Community. The Agency that does your Background Investigation (BI) requires that you work a minimum of 1,000-hours. Because of this, we require you to work 1,000-hours and then transition you to at least an entry-level position doing what you want to do for an agency you would like to work for!

While working as an ACS you will be paid approximately $20/hour or more. As you are trained to work other posts, you will be paid at a higher rate. You will be paid at the rate for each post you work.


This is the best of all the stages because it is where you start your career. Once you fulfill your 1,000-hour working commitment you will have a job offer from CenCore. Whether you are interested in working within the Intelligence Community, intelligence analysis, information systems, information technology, engineering, cyber security, or anything else, CenCore can help you launch your career within this industry. We will work with you while you work for us to Identify, Qualify and Procure a position for you so by the time you finish your 1,000-hour commitment you will be starting your career as an intel analyst, cyber security infosec engineer, network administrator, software developer or many other positions all within the Intelligence Community.

How To Apply:

Because you will be working for a government agency, they have a few requirements to be eligible:

  1. You must be 18 years or older
  2. You must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  3. You must be able/eligible to receive a Top-Secret clearance
  4. Because you must receive a clearance you must be a U.S. citizen
  5. You must be free from colorblindness
  6. Physically able to perform all duties and functions of the position
  7. You must work for 1,000 hours as an Access Control Specialist

If you are interested in pursuing CenCore’s National Security Program, please email your resume and the application to the following email address: